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Rocket Science // What in the World is Advanced Thermo-Poly Alloy

Some look at them as a just a bucket for your head, but here at Rocket we look at helmets as an extension of our own body. Mostly because we wear them that much!

For 2024, our entire helmet line meets or exceeds ECE 22-06 standards with the help of our Advanced Thermo-Poly Alloy (ATPA) shells. What is ATPA you ask? Well, the rocket scientists here at Rocket are glad you asked. Let's get nerdy!

ATPA represents a cutting-edge composite material engineered to withstand the rigours of motorcycling. Comprising a blend of thermoplastics and other proprietary additives, ATPA boasts a remarkable balance of strength, flexibility, and lightweight properties. This amalgamation of characteristics renders ATPA an ideal candidate for helmet construction, where durability and comfort are non-negotiable.

Great Strength-to-Weight Ratio: One of the defining features of ATPA is its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Despite its robust composition, ATPA remains remarkably lightweight, alleviating the burden on the rider's head and neck muscles during extended journeys. This unique attribute not only enhances comfort but also reduces fatigue, allowing riders to stay focused and alert throughout their ride.

Impact Resistance: The primary function of a motorcycle helmet is to protect against impacts, and ATPA excels in this aspect. Through meticulous engineering and advanced manufacturing processes, ATPA shells exhibit superior impact resistance, effectively dissipating kinetic energy upon collision. This crucial capability minimizes the risk of head injuries, offering riders unparalleled peace of mind on the road.

Temperature Regulation: Motorcycle enthusiasts often brave diverse weather conditions, from scorching summer heat to chilly winter winds. ATPA's thermal regulation properties make it well-suited for such challenges, effectively dissipating heat to prevent discomfort during hot weather while providing insulation against cold temperatures. This ensures that riders remain comfortable and focused, regardless of the prevailing climate.

Durability and Longevity: Durability is paramount when it comes to motorcycle helmets, and ATPA excels in this regard. Engineered to withstand the demanding conditions of motorcycle riding, ATPA shells exhibit exceptional resilience against wear and tear, maintaining their structural integrity over prolonged periods. This longevity ensures consistent protection for the rider throughout the countless journeys of the helmets lifespan.

In the realm of motorcycle safety gear, the Advanced Thermo-Poly Alloy (ATPA) shell emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Its unmatched combination of strength, flexibility, lightweight properties, and temperature regulation capabilities make it one of the top choices for riders.

As technology continues to evolve, ATPA stands at the forefront of helmet construction, epitomizing the relentless pursuit of safety and excellence in the world of motorcycle riding. Investing in an ATPA helmet isn't just a choice—it's a commitment to unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

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//Joe Rocket

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