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Welcome to Joe Rocket Canada® - Canadians Ride Rocket



A full face helmet provides the highest level of protection and is designed to totally enclose the rider’s head, face and chin. A face shield protects the rider’s eyes while the chin bar helps to protect the chin and jaw area.


An open face helmet provides less face coverage and as a result, less protection. However, an open face helmet provides maximum airflow, an increased field of vision and is the least restrictive.


If the helmet fits as it should, you should feel the cheek pads against your cheeks. Any severe pressure points or discomfort means you should try another helmet. Grab the chin bar and move it around. Your cheeks should move and not the helmet. If it’s able to move around freely, go down at least one size. An ill fitting helmet is ineffective in helping to protect you in the event of an impact so a good fit is key in being properly protected.


When riding motorcycles in Canada, helmets are a mandatory part of the equation. Choosing the right helmet is integral to providing yourself with the utmost protection. In Canada, riders are required to have at least an E.C.E, Snell or D.O.T. certified helmet.

Motorcycle jackets come in a variety of styles and materials. Look for a jacket that suits your riding needs while providing adequate protection, comfort, and an appropriate fit. Your jacket should be equipped with C.E. Approved armour in the shoulders, elbows and spine.

Pants made for motorcycle riding are built with sturdy materials like denim, leather or textile and are often lined with Aramid/Kevlar® reinforcements. They should included C.E. certified armour in the knees.

Riding boots and shoes should come above the ankle and include a no slip sole. They should have internal or external reinforcements in the ankle, heel and toe box.

Gloves are made in a variety of materials like leather, textile and mesh. When choosing the most protective pair for you, they should have a leather or reinforced synthetic palm, should have no skin exposure and be flexible enough for good use of levers and controls.


Wearing proper motorcycle gear is an essential part of enjoying your ride. Fit, function, and style, all come into play when choosing your performance riding apparel. Finding the ‘right’ gear can be an intimidating task and the answer isn’t always the same for everyone. Many different factors come into play when deciding what is right for you. Despite what your Uncle Bob says, there’s much more to it than a ‘good set of leathers and some old work boots’. Modern motorcycle apparel has come a long way. There are an endless variety of style-forward options, that don’t sacrifice protection for style. From Helmets to footwear and literally everything in between, this short guide will help to educate you on what to look for when picking your riding gear.